MR Linac

Radiotherapy with MR LINAC

Radiotherapy radiation therapy ) is an important part of cancer treatment. Our aim is to give radiation to the tumor tissue and to take the tumor under control or destroy it completely. Our main aim is to help each patient receive the best radiotherapy possible. Designed in collaboration with industry-leading experts and world-renowned cancer research institutions, Elekta Unity and MR-Linac technology, which is considered a breakthrough, are positioned at the forefront of patient-centric cancer care.


The difference of MR Linac from conventional radiotherapy

As the technology moves forward, a rapid change has been observed in cancer treatment and especially in radiotherapy applications. The main aim in radiotherapy is to apply a high dose of radiation to the tumor and to protect the organs and tissues surrounding it. As a result of this, an effective treatment and fewer side effects are expected. In order to minimize the application errors during radiotherapy applications, in the pre-treatment stage or in the while-treatment stage the visualization of the tumor is of great importance. In our day, in most of the health centers this visualization is performed by computed tomography. However, it is quite difficult to visualize the soft tissues and the tissues especially in the abdominal area by computed tomography. By the help of Magnetic Resonance (MR), these tissues can be visualized quite clearly and in high definition. The MR-Linac device which consists of both MR and Linac gives you the chance to treat the tumor area effectively by monitoring the normal tissues clearly. MR Linac technology, which is considered a breakthrough in radiotherapy applications, allows you to monitor the tumor before and during the treatment and apply high doses of radiation to the patient accurately. Besides, 1.5 Tesla MR-Linac, which is a high definition device, allows you to monitor the changes in the size and the shape of the tumor at the same time and re-plan the treatment.

How does MR LINAC work?

When the patient lies down on the examination table, the daily changes in the patient’s anatomy are determined by the help of the MR feature of the device. The MR scanner of the device clearly shows the position, size and shape of the tumor in three different angles. Daily tumor changes are monitored.
Real-time tumor-tracking allows rapid adaptation to the patient’s daily changes. It also allows you to receive the tumor response immediately. A real-time planning is made to reshape the radiation dose. By allowing you to see the tumor in 3D, MR Linac, lets you watch and see the anatomic movements of the patient live.
Elekta Unity MR Linac enables the visualization of the soft tissue resolution and the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor by the help of its instant scanning feature. With its real-time tumor visualization it contributes to radiotherapy, which is a significant step in the journey of cancer patients, with this unique feature.

Attacks the tumor, protects the patient